Drum Gear

Drum Gear and the Right Equipment

Your best skill will shine through when you are happy with the sound coming from your drumset.
That being said, not everyone has a fortune laying around, waiting to be spent on the best drum gear imaginable. Here are some tips for striking a good balance between your budget and your drumming equipment…

Tips For Finding Your Drum Gear

If you want to intimidate yourself with the amount of choices you have to make, simply flip open a full-line catalog of drum gear.. or visit a drumming equipment wholesaler’s website online. You will see that anything the world could possibly want is available.

So how do you discriminate between what’s too cheap and too expensive?

The first question you need to answer about yourself is, what level is your drumming? Are you performing live or in recording situations regularly, or will your drumset likely be at home for the next several years? If your drumset is going to be heard by audiences or microphones often, you are making a choice about what LOTS of people are going to hear- and you should spend enough to get high quality stuff. Even if you’re mostly playing at home, what you alone hear is important, even though you may be able to make some sacrifices.

Quality Of Drum Gear Is Most Important

I recommend sacrificing quantity, not quality, for an at-home drumset. You can get away with practicing on a four-piece kit with hi-hats, a ride, and one or two crashes. For live and recording purposes, you may want more sonic options like splashes, chinas, and auxilliary percussion.

The most important areas to keep your quality standards high: Drumheads and cymbals. Hands down. If you know a thing or two about tuning drums (or know someone who does that you can hire to help you- drum instructors will often offer this service), you can make entry level kits sound pretty fantastic. The wood used in the drumshell makes less of an obvious difference than the type of head and its accuracy of tuning.

Cymbals cannot be tuned. They either sound great or they don’t, and you should not settle for anything less than the best. For best results, hunt them down and purchase them one at a time if you have picky ears. Otherwise, just make sure to seek ones ABOVE entry-level models, because quality cymbals will really enhance your playing.

Again, I recommend selecting fewer cymbals at a higher quality, if you need to watch your budget and end up with drum gear you really enjoy playing on.
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